About Us

Tanzy’s – a small café and gift shop – serving breakfast

Tanzy’s is a small café and gift shop featuring breakfast run by two local sisters, Tisha and Sandie.  It features a simple menu of everyday items with two or three daily specials depending on fresh product availability from local farmers and growers.  The daily specials feature more trendy flavors for the contemporary palate.


Tanzy’s is located at 223 Warren Street in Hudson, BeLo Third.  The building itself was formerly known as the Berrelli building and was famous for its pool hall in days past.  Tanzy’s gets its name from the girls’ father.  It was his nickname. The area surrounding the café was the old Italian section of Hudson, many of the neighbors remember the pool hall and Tanzy himself.

In accordance with honoring their father, the sisters have procured his favorite breakfast meat, Taylor pork roll, and feature it on their menu.  This can accompany a breakfast egg plate or be enjoyed as a sandwich on a Kaiser roll with mustard,  which was Tanzy’s favorite.


Most of the waitresses at Tanzy’s are family members or old family friends and each enjoys cooking or baking.  While Sandie is the cook and Tisha is the baker, each of the other staff  has had a hand in the making of the daily soups and special desserts of the day.  Just ask “who made the soup today?” and it may be your waitress.

Gift Room

The gift room at Tanzy’s sells tea related items along with some gourmet food items.  Gift baskets are available upon request. You can select your own items and purchase a greeting card to accompany your gift.

Hudson and Lower Warren

Since the Tanzy girls were born in Hudson and grew up in the neighborhood of Tanzy’s, they have an excellent feel for the area on lower Warren Street, it’s current revitalization and it’s core group of customers.  They are dedicated to being a part of the regrowth of this area and hope to contribute by providing good food at a reasonable price to the local businesses and residents.