Motrin 800 mg price

Motrin 800 mg Price

Motrin, scientifically known as Ibuprofen, is one of the most well-known over-the-counter and prescription strength pain relievers globally. This nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) is used for mild to moderate pain relief, primary dysmenorrhea, fever, and inflammation. The drug’s potency defines the cost, with the 800 mg version at the maximum strength.

Price Considerations

Many factors influence the price of Motrin 800 mg. These may include the brand, whether it’s generic or over-the-counter, and the pharmaceutical pricing guidelines in a specific region. In most cases, the generic type is cheaper than the brand-name version. However, the price is relatively affordable, given the relief it offers from various discomfort forms.

Package Size Average Price
30 tablets $10-$18
60 tablets $18-$35
90 tablets $35-$50

Comparing Prices

In the era of online shopping, comparing the prices of Motrin 800 mg from different vendors is advisable. Several reliable online platforms provide a platform to compare prices from various pharmacies. However, it is crucial to consider the shipping cost and delivery schedule while comparing the costs.

Paying Less for Motrin 800mg

Often, buying in bulk may end up being cheaper, but it’s crucial to consider the expiry date. Prescription discount cards and coupons can also help lower the price. Some insurance plans cover the cost of prescription-strength ibuprofen, significantly reducing out-of-pocket expenses. Always consult with your healthcare provider and pharmacist regarding ways to decrease the cost.


To remain vigorous and perform daily tasks, managing all forms of aches, fever, and inflammation is essential. Motrin 800 mg is one diligent solution to these maladies, without breaking the bank. Always remember to take these medicines under a healthcare provider’s supervision and ensure it does not interact with other medication you may be taking.

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