Can i buy augmentin online in canada

Can I Purchase Augmentin Online in Canada?

As an antibiotic designed to combat bacterial infections, Augmentin is a widely-used medication that ultimately boosts the immune system. The question arising is whether or not one can potentially make an online purchase of Augmentin in Canada. The answer is quite straightforward – Yes, individuals residing in Canada can purchase Augmentin online. However, there are certain important factors to consider when choosing to buy medication over the internet.

Considering Safety and Authenticity

When planning to purchase medication online, the primary concern should be about the safety and genuineness of the medication. Many dishonest online vendors might be selling counterfeit drugs, which can be harmful. Therefore, always makes sure to buy from credible and licensed online vendors. Health Canada has a list of licensed online pharmacies that one can refer to ensure the legitimacy of the pharmacy.

Pack Size Average Price
20 Pills 35 CAD
40 Pills 68 CAD
60 Pills 85 CAD

Prescriptions and Online Purchases

Another factor is the need for a medical prescription. Augmentin, being a potent antibiotic, is a prescription medicine in Canada. This implies that it cannot be obtained over the counter or without the recommendation of a registered medical professional. Reliable online pharmacies will require you to present a prescription before processing your order, which is a good sign of their adherence to the law and medical regulations.

The Ease of Online Purchase

Despite the precautions and requirements, buying Augmentin online in Canada can be straightforward and hassle-free. Trustworthy online pharmacies provide convenient services such as quick delivery and options for purchasing other medications as well. They also typically have a help center or customer service line to assist with any concerns or questions you may have about your order.


In conclusion, buying Augmentin online in Canada is possible and can be a convenient way of acquiring your medication. However, care should be taken to ensure one’s buying from a reliable source and that a valid prescription is in place. The convenience of online purchase can be enjoyed without any compromise to safety or legality if done responsibly.

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