Breakfast & Lunch Menus


2 Eggs and Toast $4.75
with seasoned home fries $5.75
with meat $7.25
with meat & potatoes $8.25

Fake “Eggs Bennie” $9.95
2 eggs, ham & melted cheese
on a toasted English muffin

Breakfast Burrito $9.95
Scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, peppers, onions,
potatoes and salsa wrapped in a soft tortilla.
Served with fruit.

Three Egg Omelette $6.25
Cheese Omelette $7.25
Veggie Omelette $8.25
Create Your Own Omelette $9.25
Up to 4 items, each additional add $ .75

French Toast
French Toast $7.50
Short Stack French Toast $5.50

Cinnamon Raisin French Toast
made with Texas Toast $7.50
Half Order $5.50

Pancakes $7.50
Short Stack $5.50
One Pancake $4.25

Tanzy Breakfast Plate $10.95
One pancake, 2 eggs any style with one piece
each of bacon, ham, sausage, Taylor pork roll
and homefried potatoes

Substitute French Toast add $2.00

Eggs Whites add $2.00

Oatmeal made with water or milk
served with brown sugar $3.95
with raisins $4.25
with nuts $4.50
with nuts and raisins $4.95

Bake Shop

Hard roll $1.75
with butter $2.00

Bagel $2.50
with butter $3.00
with cream cheese $3.00

Croissant $3.00
Toast $2.00

Bread Selections:

English Muffin, White, Wheat, Rye & Multigrain

Gluten Free add $1.00 * Not a gluten free kitchen


Coffee (unlimited refill) $2.50
Tea $2.50
Iced Tea $2.50
Iced Coffee $2.50
Hot Cocoa (Truffled) $3.00
Hot Chocolate $2.50
Soda $2.25
Juice Glass small $1.50
large $2.00
Bottled Juice $2.50
Bottled Water $2.50
Specialty Tea $3.00
Milk $2.50

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait
Our Own Granola with Greek
Yogurt and Fresh Fruit $8.95


Breakfast Meat $3.25
Sausage, ham, bacon or Taylor Pork Roll
Potatoes $2.75
Fresh Fruit Side $3.95
Real Maple Syrup $2.00



Hot Selections

Tanzy’s Sandwich $8.95
Taylor Pork Roll on a hard roll

Chicken Quesadilla $9.95
Flour tortillas filled w/grilled chicken mixed cheeses, salsa, topped w/olives

“Hammy Sammy” $9.95
Grilled ham, salami, provolone & hot peppers on rye bread

Pesto Melt $9.95
Roast beef with melted cheese & pesto mayonnaise on a foccacia roll

Turkey Pesto Melt $9.95
American Cheese with pesto mayonnaise on a foccacia roll

Hot Meatball Sandwich $9.95
on a hard roll with green salad

Open Faced Hot Turkey $10.95
with gravy, stuffing & cranberry sauce

Grilled Cheese (made on Texas Toast) $6.75
with bacon & tomato $7.75

Grilled Ham & Cheese $9.95
with caramelized onion on Texas toast


Classic Sandwiches

All cold sandwiches served with side of the day and pickle

Virginia Baked Ham $9.95
with lettuce and mustard

Roast Beef $9.95
with lettuce & horseradish mayonnaise

Our Own Oven Roasted Turkey Breast $9.95
with lettuce, mayonnaise & cranberry sauce

Homemade Egg Salad $6.95
with lettuce & a hint of horseradish

Tuna Salad with lettuce $7.25

Classic BLT $6.25

Club Sandwich $9.95
Your choice of Roast Beef or Roasted Turkey

Homemade Waldorf Chicken Salad $10.50

Veggie Sandwich $8.95
Our own hummus with roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato and cheese

Peanut Butter and Jelly $5.25
with chips


Homemade Soup
cup $4.50
bowl $5.95

Soup & 1/2 Sandwich $9.95



Cranberry Nut Salad $9.95
A bed of lettuce w/grilled chicken, glazed nuts, craisins, gorgonzola cheese and pomegranate dressing.


Mandarin Chicken Salad $9.95
with grilled or breaded chicken, mandarin oranges, green onions, almonds & Chinese noodles with sesame dressing on a bed of lettuce.

Buffalo Chicken Salad $9.95
spicy breaded chicken with blue cheese dressing

Fresh Fruit Salad $6.95


Onion $1.75
Cheese $1.75
Tomato $1.75
Side of the day $2.75
Stuffing $2.75

Homemade Desserts

See the board for daily specials $5.50

Our Own Hot Fudge Sundae $5.75

Bread Pudding $4.95

A la mode add $2.00